“We are pleased to honor those homeowners who invest their time and financial resources in keeping their home attractive,” said Traci Strahler-Chichester, association president. “Marietta is a beautiful city with many wonderful homes, from bungalows to Victorian mansions. As Realtors, it is our privilege to market these homes.”

This month's winner...
126 Masonic Park Rd 2_edited.jpg

Home of the Month Award Program


The Marietta Board of REALTORS® is expanding the Home of the Month program to recognize well-maintained residential homes in all of Washington County.

Each month, from March through November one home will be selected as the “Home of the Month” by the members of the Marietta Board of REALTORS® officers and directors. A yard sign will be placed in the yard for the month and a framed photograph of the house will be presented to the homeowner. We are partnering with local publications and social media which will showcase each month’s award winning home.  The winning home will be featured on the front cover of the “Showcase of Homes” magazine. If you are a media outlet or social group that would like to help us celebrate the Home of the Month, please contact us at: mariettarealtors@outlook.com


Simply complete the nomination form which asks for the owner’s name, the address, and a brief explanation of why this house should be considered.  A photo of the front exterior of the house is also required. 

Submit the nomination form and house photo to the Marietta Real Estate Board office by email mariettarealtors@outlook.com.


Click Here to Download Nomination Form

Nominations will be valid for this calendar year; nominations submitted by the 25th of each month through October will be considered; and realtors and their immediate family are not eligible.  Forms are available at the Board of Realtors office or click here to download.

The September 2022 Home of the Month, sponsored by the

 Marietta Board of REALTORS®, is this home located at…

126 Masonic Park, Devola

Congratulations to the Homeowner, Dennis Farrar

The history of 126 Masonic Park starts with a man named Bo Place. In the late 90’s, Bo lived in the house next-door while he spent most of his time building 126 Masonic Park Rd. Once it was built, he lived in that one and spent most of his time building another one next-door. He did this until he had enough money to start a local subdivision. in 2015, Dennis fell in love with the house. The large yard and kitchen made this home “a must have” for him. However, the house needed plenty of updates. In Dennis‘ words “ it looks like you walked into an episode of Seinfeld“. Over the years Dennis has put in countless hours of hard work to make it his perfect home. Updates include completely new color scheme on the outside, a large pool, patio, and decking area, new solid maple flooring in the basement, updated kitchen and bathrooms, new roof, and much more. The hard work is obvious from first sight of this beautiful home.

Congratulations to Dennis on a well-deserved moment of recognition.